To register animals for sale:
the easiest way is to print out this page and fax it filled out to us at (+49 9741-1636).
or: copy the page (or just the 2 frames) in the clipboard, click below on send via e-mail to us and paste the page as text into your e-mail program. Now you can easily fill out the form and mail it

 Name:  HB or DE Nr.:
 Name of the herd:  born:
Sex:   Color:
 Owner: (Seller:)
 Breeding index:   TZ:   Price: EUR
 Assessment:  Comments:
 Show achievements:

 Sire:    Sire of Sire:  
   Dam of Sire:  
 Dam:    Sire of Dam:  
   Dam of Dam:  

As soon as you fill out the form, send it via e-mail to us along with, best of all, a possibly
good photo, your offer will be available worldwide to all interested within a day.
Which information is important: Name, HB or better DE No. or both, date of birth, breeder
and owner, owner-sellers´ address - e-mail - phone - cellular or how you wish to be reached.
Price expectation - basis for negotiation - fixed price . . . .
For descent, Sire and Dam are the most important - if possible many ancestors.
Data makes an animal attractive (e.g. Number, assessments and information about its ancestors).

You also have the option to fax the filled out form to us at (+49 9741-1636)
and mail or e-mail the photo later.

The registration with our Sales Forum is absolutely free and you can register as many animals as you wish. With your registration you agree to the electronic storage and publishing of the data. Your data will be automatically deleted after one year, or either if requested or in case of sale (a short notification in case of sale required) earlier.
So there is no risk to it and it offers a worldwide accessibility to all Highland breeders with connection to the Internet.