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The Highland Cattle herd in the foothills of the Rhön

Highland Cattle breeding since 1989


The finest cattle under the sun is the Highland Cattle.

With its decorative horns, occasionally spanning up to 1,40 m,

and graceful long hair, it casts a spell over the

 The Scottish Highland Cattle is an old cattle breed, initially spread throughout Scotland and the Hebrides only. Since the beginning of specific cattle breeding in Great Britain, i.e. since about 200 years, this breed has retained its form and characteristics without cross-breeding.



The Highland Cattle is small built, approx. 120 cm (about 4 feet) tall and weighs approx. 500 kgs (1100 lbs.). Its long coat makes it absolutely hardy and it does not need any barn. Neither rain nor wind can penetrate the natural hide; not even the snow can get through the insulating coat.

 The strength of a Highland cow is the calf born without any help on the pasture and brought up in a natural way at its mother´s udder.

Calvings are possible without any problem at temperatures as low as minus 20°C (-4°F) and until the high cow´s age of up to 15 to 20 years.

Our animals are not fed any concentrated feed but live exclusively
on grass and hay. Due to the consistent natural animal-keeping,
we are in the position to offer a high quality beef that truly earns the
predicate "natural" and "biological".

It is the breeding aim, to retain the robustness, originality, very good
fertility and excellent life performance and
good character of the Scottish Highland Cattle.
We are convinced that this breeding aim can be achieved
through a true to type, extensive
and ecological animal-keeping only.


About us: At our breeding operation we currently cultivate
approx. 40 hectares (99 acres)of pasture land and keep about
35 Highland cattle. The operation startedin summer of
1989 with two brood-cows and a breeding bull.

These breeding animals are registered in the German Herd Book.
As part of a regular control program, our herd undergoes veterinary checks,
thus complying with all official requirements.
Since May 1997 we keep the breeding bull
descents Orkan vom Wotanstein
Orkan vom Wotanstein
124E index points; assessment 7/8/8; 794g TZ
the best 1996 bullock of Hesse ; grandson of the Federal
breed winner 1995 Olymp vom Waldwiesenhof.
The first 11 descendants were born in the spring of 1998.


Our breeding stock descends from the best blood lines of Scotland;
e.g.: Leys, Benmore, Achnacloich, Pollok, Iomroll, Douneside, etc.

Visit us - we sell good breeding cattle and the best meat

Tours and Orders of breeding cattle and Highland beef
Inquiries of

Jürgen Hurrlein, Hammelburgerstr. 5, 97769 Bad Brückenau
Tel.: 09741/1636

 e-mail: info@cattle-cooperation.de

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